(Class 10 am – 6 pm; registration starts at 9:30 am)


- skin analysis/problems
- reflection of pigments
- post-treatment flow depending on the type of the skin and factors that can influence on the pigment and its durability etc.
- the manner of determination of the skin incision depth, pigment
- PMU color theory basics, calculating the shape according to the proportions of the face by using Phi compass- divider  (golden intersection 1.618)
- hygienic standards
- practical exercises: drawing of the shape of the eyebrow as well as the hair strokes on latex  
- digital determination of the symmetry of the eyebrows using the PhiBrows application.

lunch break included

(Class 10 am – 6 pm)

- demonstration of the microblading technique using live models by Master Dovile
- students practice of the preparation of shapes and symmetry on live models
- practice microblading on live models with Master Dovile's assistance

lunch break included

As part of the class, you will receive Phibrow's Premium Kit which gives you all the materials necessary for work and practice:

Phibrows pigments
– Brown 1
– Brown 2
– Brown 3
– Golden brown
– Arabian night
3 auxiliary Phibrows pigments
– Skin color
– Red stop
– Warm effect
1 Aftercare (medical silicone)

2 Mineral Pencils
1 Phibrows Compass
30 Phibrush Disposable Tools
50 Skin Candy
Phi Tools
3 skin simulations (latex)
50 blades

IMPORTANT: It is not enough just to visit, listen,
and watch. You will need to practice, practice
and practice. This training is just a beginning step
of the microblading technique, because the skill is
built during a long period of practice. Dovile's main
task during this training is to teach you how to practice.
After the initial training, for six months you will 
continue the every day communication with Master
Dovile by a special created online application called 
CRAFTMASTER” that can be downloaded from the
App store. It provides the access to all microblading
lessons that consist of 12 hours video material, 2D
animations and texts illustrated by photos. The app-
lication contains 11 levels each student needs to pass
in order to have the certificate granted. After passing
in each level, the assessment of the practice is made
by using photos. Besides Craftmaster, we also will
have a Viber group during our training. In that way we
give you the opportunity to ask Master Dovile questions
regarding microblading eyebrow drawing at any
mo-ment, as well as to communicate with colleagues and
exchange experiences from everyday work.

After the course, you will receive a "Certification of Attendance". To obtain a Phibrows microblading certificate it is necessary to master the following skills:
- Drawing the shape and strokes on a skin simulation 
- Drawing the shape and measuring the symmetry on a live model
- Complete work on live models

There are no marks for your work. It is perfect or not. Overall, the average time for obtaining the certificate is about 2 months (50 to 100 messages exchanged with Master Dovile, 15 to 30 drawn latexes). 6 out of 10 students on average receive certificates. Communication with Master Dovile does not stop after receiving the certificate. During the work, an abundance of questions will arise and Master Dovile is at your service to support you. The Branko Babic Microblading Academy certificate is obtained after successful completion of the all required levels. In order for you to be satisfied with the education you need to have realistic expectations. Success depends solely of your effort, hard work and time necessary for practice. Your utter dedication to microblading will yield you with the expected results and along with them, the certificate- affirmation of your working skills.

All the certified students will be added to the Phibrows map and have the right of participation to the Branko Babic Microblading Academy Masterclass that is organized once or twice a year. At the Masterclass you can learn new advanced techniques and be presented with the news appeared in recent years.


DEPOSITS:  $900 
Invoice will be emailed via PayPal via Samira Atash (Phibrows USA Organizer). Deposits MUST be received within 1 week of inquiry in order to secure your spot in the class. Space is very limited and we will not hold spots until a deposit is received. Deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel or no show to class. If deposit is not received, you will NOT be registered for the course.

Balance Option 1: DAY OF CLASS: cash only for day of class balance payments ($2,900)

Balance Option 2:  no later than TWO WEEKS before class date: submit full balance payment to this PayPal account: $2900 + $145 processing fee ($3045 TOTAL) balance must be paid no later than ONE WEEK before class date; if not paid in full by this time, you will not be allowed to take class and deposit will not be returned

TRAVEL/LOCATION: Your travel and hotel accommodations are not included in the price of the training but if we are able to offer a special rate at the place of education, we will let you know. TRAINING LOCATION WILL BE PROVIDED AFTER YOU ARE SIGNED UP AND DEPOSIT RECEIVED.